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How to work for 2 employers in UAE

Dubai has now enacted new laws (2021) and here is how to work for 2 employers in UAE.

The UAE’s Labour Law permits working for two employers. This page covers provisions for people who live in the UAE on work visa and family visa.

General provisions

Since 2010, the UAE’s Labour Law made provisions that allow an employee to have a part-time job along with a full-time one subject to certain conditions. The employee can work part-time after getting the work permit from MoHRE.

The fee for a part-time work permit includes an application fee of AED 100 and an approval fee of AED 500. Decree-Law No. 2 of 2021 now has erased these fees.

work for 2 employers

As per Federal Decree-Law No. 2 of 2007, if an expatriate is caught working for another company without an official permit, then a fine of AED 50,000 will be applied to the hiring company, in addition to other penalties in case of repeating the offence.

For people on a work visa

Emiratis, other GCC nationals and expatriate employees who are living in the UAE on a work visa, can take up a second job, upon getting a part-time work permit from MoHRE, which is valid for one year.

Part-time work permit holders are allowed to work in another company at the same time as working in the current company on a part-time basis for less than eight hours per day.


For people on family visa

Those who live in the UAE on a family visa can take up a second job after getting a part-time work permit with an NOC from the sponsor. Such work permits can be issued to men and women between 18 and 65 years of age.

Part-time contract system

In 2018, Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MoHRE) implemented a new rule which allows the companies to recruit skilled workers from inside the country or from abroad under part-time contract system. These types of contracts are limited only to skilled workers, namely holders of university degrees or higher and those who completed two or three years diploma in any technical or scientific field.

Under this new system, part-time contract employees can take several part-time jobs without the approval of the original or other secondary employers; however, they are obligated to take a permit from the MoHRE.

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