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Job application Email format

A lot of people have asked about the perfect job application Email format. The question is, what’s the required email format for applying to a job?

The answer is there is no specific format to use when applying for a job via email. One, The only thing that needs a format is your CV. What’s the perfect CV format? Read here what is expected. Two, a few basic steps to follow when writing an application Email.

  • Recipient email address.

Make sure the email address of the company is correct. Double check the email 2 to 3 times. (note: Genuine email address has to have the company domain url, i.e. Not the free email addresses like Gmail, yahoo, outlook, etc)

  • The subject

Application Email formatThis is very important part of the application. The subject should have the position applied for and your name. Unless the job poster indicates otherwise.

For instance, sample email subject (waiter-John Doe). By doing this the employer is able to sort applicants by their respective positions available. Note: some jobs specify to write the subject starting with your name followed by position.

  • Salutation:

If possible, address your email to a specific person. Sometimes you can determine this by reviewing the company’s website or by calling their front office to ask who manages their job searches. If a name isn’t available, you can open with “Dear Hiring Manager,” as in the sample letter below, or with the more formal but dated, “To Whom It May Concern.”

Dear Hiring Manager:

  • Email Body

The body is very important in the application. It’s basically the cover letter. Most people don’t get this write, what do i mean they send a cover letter as an attachment. This is a very crucial point, don’t send your cover as an attachment.

The body should be eye-catching to pull the employer or the recruiter to open your CV attachment. This should be an introduction to your achievements. Don’t focus on what you can do.

Note: What you achieved in your previous challenges or experience.

A lot of people will try to spice up the cover letter with can do, this is wrong. For instance, you can add spice by stating a challenge or problem you solved. Awards from your previous company etc.

The ending should be so formal and be positive on an invite for a face-to-face discussion not an interview.

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