No Green Pass to Enter Abu Dhabi

The Abu Dhabi Emergency, Crisis and Disasters committee has approved the removal of EDE scanners and requirements for green pass to enter the emirate from within the UAE, effective Monday, February 28. Abu Dhabi removes border requirements for entering the emirate from Monday February 28. Those entering the capital from within the UAE will no longer need a green pass on the Al Hosn app and EDE scanners will no longer be used at the border.

In a tweet, Abu Dhabi Media Office said Green pass will still be required to enter public spaces in the emirate. The decision comes in line with the start of the recovery phase of the Covid-19 pandemic, supported by the community’s commitment to preventive measures.

No Green PassOn February 15, the UAE eased capacity and social distance restrictions imposed after the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic. Cinemas, sports venues and places worship returned to full capacity after the number of Covid-19 cases came down after a surge due to the Omicron variant.

Wondering about the Al Hosn green status in the rest of the Abu Dhabi? The green pass will still be used to enter public spaces in Abu Dhabi. Green pass validity is currently 14 days. This still means that people need a PCR test at least every two weeks to maintain green status on the Al Hosn app, which will allow them to enter public places such as malls and restaurants.

The major Abu Dhabi border change comes at the same time as it was revealed that UAE restaurants are able to return to 100 percent capacity. The decision is in line with the Supreme Committee of Crisis and Disaster Management. As of this writing, Abu Dhabi had set event capacity to 90 percent in the capital.

Abu Dhabi had previously announced the new entry rules for UAE travellers in December. Abu Dhabi’s National Emergency, Crisis and Disasters Committee (NCEMA) had stated that from December 19, 2021, EDE scanners would be used to detect potential COVID-19 cases at the border. People with potentially positive COVID-19 cases were referred to an on-site testing centre and given a free antigen test, with results available within 20 minutes.

From December 30, 2021, vaccinated people entering Abu Dhabi were required to show green status on the Al Hosn app. Those who were unvaccinated and wished to enter the emirate from within the UAE, had to present a negative PCR test result received within 96 hours.

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